TS 97 Door Closer

The smallest surface-mounted slide channel door closer stands out with its unique shape. The uniform length of the closer body and slide channels is the hallmark of impressive design. The EASY OPEN technology makes it simple to open the door while keeping the closing process secure. The standard limit stay protects the wall and door against damages. The TS 97 in the Contur design is a sophisticated architectural solution for upscale interior construction.

Product Details


A perfect combination of form and function

Single-piece face plates with internal end caps and uniform lengths of the door closer body and slide channel characterize the impressive design credentials of this product. Like all DORMA cam-action door closers, the TS 97 features the proven heartshaped cam for maximum user convenience based on minimum opening effort.

Benefits for the trade/distributor


  • One closer model for all applications to simplify materials management and stocking
  • Single pack for easy handling


Benefits for the installer/fabricator


  • Universally applicable on both LH and RH doors
  • Quick and easy to fix with mounting bracket


Benefits for the architect/specifier


  • High-quality architectural solution for superior interior designs
  • Uniform lengths of body and slide channel for enhanced harmony of appearance
  • Single-piece faceplate without slots or fixing points


Benefits for the user


  • High ease of use and fully controlled, reliable closing with adjustable latching action
  • Dead stop unit as standard to protect the wall and door

Product Downloads