RMZ Smoke Detector

The RMZ smoke detector with integrated power pack in a Contur design supplies connected hold-open systems with a 24 V direct current and switches them off from power in the event of an alarm (activation). Connections are possible for other smoke detectors and for an external manual release and potential-free changeover contactable.

  • Connections possible for more smoke detectors
  • Potential-free changeover contact
  • Without power pack for connection to DCW® bus (RMZ DCW®)
  • Connections for additional smoke detectors
  • With integrated maintenance and operating display
  • Suitable for transom/lintel fixing

Product Details


Audible signal


Optional integral alarm module adding an audible signal to the visual indicator.


The smoke detector RMZ Contur design


supplies connected locking devices with 24 V DC voltage and switches them on alarm de-energized (release). Connections for further smoke detectors, as well as for external manual release and a floating change-over contact are also available.


Convincing safety


The RMZ and RM-N are the ideal complement to the proven, practical dormakaba hold-open devices for passive fire protection.


Designed according to current guidelines


The RMZ and RM-N are designed according to the latest guidelines of the German Institute for Building Technology and offer the guarantee of an optimal interaction with all devices designed to hold-open fire and smoke doors. The RMZ provides connections for further detectors and external manual release and floating alarm contacts.

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