Padlocks DPS / DPR

Depending on the type of padlock required, you can choose from a range of dormakaba padlocks – open shackle, rectangular and universal padlocks. These can also be specifically equipped with a cylinder core and codes so that you receive a keyed-alike or master key system in accordance with your requirements.

  • Wide range of padlock types for multiple applications
  • Choice of different shackle lengths and diameters
  • Master key system capable
  • Universal padlock for europrofile half cylinder available
  • Body materials including carbonitrided steel, zamak and brass

Product Details


Universal Shackle Padlock DPS


  • Prearranged for 40 mm (30+10) standard europrofile cylinder, with projecting cam
  • 54 mm body in satin nickel-plated brass
  • Steel shaft Ø 8, 30 or 50 mm shaft clearance
  • Cylinder to be ordered separately
  • Protection features according to selected standard cylinder


Open Shackle Padlock DPS


  • Body material: brass
  • Shackle: chrome-plated steel with different diameters and shackle clearance to be chosen
  • Anti-picking protection starting at  A ≥ 40 mm


Rectangular Padlock for Gates DPR


  • Body material: brass
  • Shaft material: chrome-plated carbo-nitrided steel with Ø 12 mm; shaft clearance to be chosen
  • Opening grip
  • Shaft ball-locking


Rectangular Armored Padlock for Gates DPR


  • Body material: brass or zamak
  • Armor material: chrome-plated carbo-nitrided steel
  • Shaft: carbo-nitrided steel or stainless steel
  • Opening grip
  • Shaft ball-locking
  • Available with various DEC europrofile half cylinders of 40 mm (30+10)
  • The armour can be removed when the padlock is open to replace the cylinder