Cape Door Systems

Service and Maintenance

We care about your building safety and security

Cape Door Systems offers various service level agreements to suit the customer’s needs as required. After many years in the industry, our vast experience allows us to work on all different types of door operators, we pride ourselves on excellent service delivery, on-time project completion, and professional work conduct.

Servicing of doors is essential for preventative maintenance and safety precautions. We are here to ensure you are always open for business. We offer 24/7 hour support on any door and door hardware.

Buildings are meant to provide a safe, secure, and convenient environment for a lifetime. Whether it’s an office, hotel, retail shop, airport, or hospital, safe and secure access in and around the premises is a top priority for your owners, visitors, employees, and investors. We are here to quickly take care of your service orders, repairs, maintenance, or general inquiries.