Multipoint Locking Systems

Whether it is your family, home or office – security is essential. dormakaba multipoint locking systems provide multiple protection against intruders with high-quality primary and lateral locks. And these systems also help protect against excessive noise and energy wastage because the additional locking points keep the door particularly tight against its seal.

  • Effortless operation thanks to easy gear response to key rotation
  • Smooth-action chamfered deadbolts
  • Available with hardened deadbolts for increased drill and cut resistance
  • Closed lockcase
  • Ideal for a wide range of door situations and frame materials
  • With a range of accessories available

Product Details


Multipoint locking system 810 series


dormakaba’s 810 series offers center distances of 85 and 92 mm, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Operated by europrofile cylinders, these locks feature smooth-action chamfered deadbolts in the top and bottom lock cases. This ensures a secure keeper fit in the engaged location.




Multipoint locking system 820/821 series


The 820/821 series combined with the dormakaba range of cylinders ensures an especially high level of security. Deadbolts and latch bolt are operated by key, handle or motor.




Multipoint locking system 830/831 series


This new range of dormakaba locks includes three user-selectable functions:


  1. Full automatic locking of deadbolts and latch bolt
  2. Partial locking by latch bolt only
  3. Hold-open function


Automatic locking


The 830/831 series offers automatic locking of the latch bolt and deadbolts as the door engages with the frame. The selector provided within the forend can be switched at any time. The deadbolt only engages once the latch has penetrated the striking plate to a depth of at least 3mm. With this feature, the latchbolt aligns the door leaf tightly to the frame, ensuring that the deadbolt can engage smoothly and securely.


External and internal opening


A single turn of the key unlocks the deadbolts, with a further quarter turn disengaging the latch bolt With internal opening, lever handle rotation of 45° will engage both the deadbolts and the latch bolt.


High security mechanism


A single turn of the key in the locking direction prevents lever handle operation from the inside, the other direction reenables it. This security feature is only available once the deadbolt has been completely engaged, thus preventing inadvertent activation. This also ensures that automatic deadbolt locking is fully completed, even if a connecting rod has been blocked. Hence, if one of the deadbolts is attacked, all the others remain engaged. The lever block prevents opening from the inside (or indeed from the outside if the door has been broken through), thus providing additional security while also ensuring easier, safer exit control.




Multipoint locking system 840 series


The 840 series combined with the  range of cylinders ensures an especially high level of security.


Anti-crack protection


The deadbolt system causes a high anti-crack protection. The engaged lock is additionally blocked by torque transmission and deadbolt blocking rod. This way, the deadbolt is secured against the rear wall of the lockcase. At an upward force equivalent to one metric ton the deadbolt will break but the security pins will locate in the locking pockets within the plate integrated in the lockcase. Thus, the deadbolt and case are rendered rigid. Finally, deadbolt retraction into the lockcase is prevented by the relocation of its pivot point, causing interference with the forend.




Weather sealing


The specially developed chamfered bolts combined with the latest range of extrusion profiles offer excellent weather sealing for thermal insulation and energy economy.





Hardened deadbolts available on request for high drill and cut resistance.





The narrow lockcase size of 15mm fits into a wide range of door situations and frame materials.





The closed lockcase prevents sward and chips from the machining operations entering the mechanism.





Effortless operation achieved thank to the easy gear response to key rotation.





With an optional range of accessories including a latch, roller or blanking cap for deadlock-only action – for a hassle-free stocking and order handling.



Tested and verified


  1. Compliant with prEN 15685
  2. Resistant to lateral thrust forces > 1000kg and a front load > 600 kg
  3. Corrosion resistance proven over more than 240 hours of saline exposure
  4. Proven durability with over 200,000 opening and closing cycles a 120 N load