Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like some information material about your products. Where can I order this information?

Go to “Contact Us” on our website. There, you can order information material about our products.

Whom can I contact if there are any problems with my door?

Just contact your customer service office or call 083 236 8242 / 061 571 1314. We offer 24hr support, 7 days a week.

Are high-speed doors suitable as emergency exit?

Not always. Although there have already been some individual releases it very much depends on the case of application, the environment of the door as well as of the regional regulations. Before using a high-speed door as emergency exit, you should ask the door manufacturer for information as well as the testing facility.

How can I save energy when I use an EFAFLEX high-speed door?

The loss and gain of heat between the indoor and the outdoor area can be reduced to a minimum due to the short opening and closing times. In addition, the loss and the gain of heat if the door is in rest state can be kept as low as possible due to the excellent heat insulation properties of our EFA-THERM laths.