BTS 80 System Floor Spring

The BTS 80 floor spring system is almost completely concealed from view in the floor. The modular system allows a wide range of functions and applications for single-leaf and double-leaf doors to be implemented.

  • Concealed installation
  • For single-leaf and double-leaf doors
  • For door widths up to 1,400 mm
  • For door-leaf weights up to 300 kg

Product Details


Wide range of functions, concealed assembly, assured quality


Pioneering developments in conjunction with relevant experts and institutions, constructive expertise based on many years of experience and careful production in line with assured quality standards all guarantee that dormakaba floor springs are distinguished by their maximum reliability for preventive fire protection.


User convenience


dormakaba floor springs meet exacting demands for user convenience as well as requirements for specific functions: the BTS 80 EMB floor spring with its electro-hydraulic hold-open function and the BTS 80 FLB with its free-swing function. The production is certified according to all relevant international standards, such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, and fully meets our requirements for optimal product quality, active energy management and the latest environmental protection.